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Hey there! I am Dailyn, the brand stylist and website designer for daidesigns. You are very welcome here because this space has been created for you. I love helping small business owners, and entrepreneurs like yourself, create a professional brand identity that will help your business:


✓ Tell your brand story

✓ Stand out from your competitors

✓ Better communicate your vision and values  

✓ Build meaningful connections with your audience

✓ Create memorability through consistency

✓ Look professional in the eyes of potential clients

✓ Attract more clients


Let me and my team create the brand or website your business needs.

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Get To Know Us


Can I be real with you?

Meet The Team

Dailyn Wallace Headshot


Brand + Web Designer

Tammy Wisell Headshot


Promotional Products

I have been there!

Discouraged & overwhelmed by branding & design that did not represent me or my business anymore.  

After spending a good amount of time working 9-5s, I decided instead to start my own company to embrace my passion for creativity and helping others succeed. I spent months and months teaching myself the ins and outs of the best editing software and stumbled upon graphic design contests. After winning some I decided I was ready to start doing this as a freelancer. I spent months designing my own logo, website and marketing material and finally found success. Within weeks I was working for small business owners and helped them succeed in their business, so they referred me to their friends, family, and co-workers who wanted to have their own business. 


A cohesive brand is what did it for me! I wasn’t focusing enough on having my own brand identity and style. That’s why it’s so important to have a strong digital presence and consistent branding - Your clients are able to find you and it builds trust. 

I know what it feels like trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It’s hard to find the time to work on your own brand or website when you’ve got a business to run. Starting my own business and learning all the countless tools a business needs to function took a lot of work and dedication! I then realized I wanted to create the same experience for other entrepreneurs and small businesses who face the same issues. If you're not confident in your branding, or feel unorganized or don't even know where to start, you're not alone. I'm here to serve you because I have been there! I want to give others what I wished I had when I was just first starting out.

Other Things I'm Passionate About

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• My Husband & Son

• God, Family, & Friends

• Singing & Writing Music

• Playing Keyboard

2020-09-06 11_24_28.380-0400.jpg

• Photography

• Fashion & Makeup

• Shopping

• Designing Jewelry

• Traveling

• Zip-Lining

• Animals

• Nature

• Korean Dramas

• Boba Tea

• Pineapples

• Video Games

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